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ProCap Multitouch Technology for Large Format Displays

DISPLAX was born in 2000. Initially, the main focus were contents developed on a project-by-project basis. DISPLAX soon realized the potential of contents for new ways of human-computer interaction that were emerging from labs. To leverage this opportunity, DISPLAX started a partnership with Minho University to anticipate the upcoming changes in the market landscape.
In 2004, DISPLAX launched the first interactive product, DISPLAX Interactive Window, a transparent touch technology to be applied in shop windows. Other products followed as well as projects.

DISPLAX started to develop a network of international resellers to promote and distribute its products locally using the internal skills in design, software and hardware. As time went by, DISPLAX skills expanded, in hardware, software and electronics as well as knowledge about the market.
Around 2008 DISPLAX began researching a way to detect simultaneous touch points using a projected capacitive sensor, as it started to be clear that multitouch would be a trend and that ProCap would be the most suited technology for different scenarios and uses.

In 2010, at Integrated Systems Europe, DISPLAX unveiled the prototype of a multitouch foil, what would later be launched as DISPLAX Skin Multitouch. For the first time a flexible ProCap multitouch technology was developed. As anticipated, the market received the news with high esteem and enthusiasm.
WIRED – “If Displax can do this for larger displays, it will really be one of the first companies to do what we call massive multitouch.”
Time Tech – “We’re inching closer and closer to Minority Report status and Displax could be the company to put us over the edge.”

In 2011, DISPLAX started shipping Skin Multitouch, with 6 and 12 finger touches, Windows 7 driver and sizes from 30” up to 100”. One year after, thousands of units were being used all around the world in cutting-edge interactive and innovative projects.
New products and improvements on existing products have been launched to the market regularly ever since.Currently, DISPLAX offers a range of multitouch procap technology to fit every project requirement.

DISPLAX is a research and development driven manufacturer focused on projected capacitive multitouch film technology for Large Format Displays—typically from 20 to 105 inches diagonal. Develops and manufactures all touch module components: touch sensor, touch controller and algorithms.

Research & Development

Our research and development team focuses on continuously improving our technology by developing new, technically advanced and innovative solutions which are unique and user friendly.

Since 2011 DISPLAX has consistently launched new products and new versions of existing products. Our R&D team has technical expertise in electronics, nanomaterials, conductive materials, software, firmware and touch algorithms particularly focused on large format touch displays.

Reliability and Performance are key.

To enhance our research and development expertise, DISPLAX partners with international research networks of developers and institutions, particularly in the Nanotechnology area.


DISPLAX manufacturing facilities are located in the head-quarter, together with the rest of the company, to ensure an agile and continuous flow of feedback with the R&D and sales teams.

All of our products, the Skin Multitouch, Skin Ultra Fit and Skin Ultra, are manufactured by a team who are experts in handling extremely thin films. This team manufactures, inspects and tests 100% of our products prior to shipment. DISPLAX uses the most advanced equipment in our production process to ensure the best product quality.

DISPLAX is grateful to our clients for their confidence and recurring demand.
We look forward to providing solutions for the market’s demands and expectations, and we welcome new resellers.

Global network

DISPLAX products and are available worldwide through a network of authorized resellers. These companies have well established expertise in interactivity and touch technologies. Combining this with a unique knowledge of the local market conditions, they are able to provide advice, installation services and customer support for users of DISPLAX products worldwide.

DISPLAX recognizes that the market for multitouch is expanding in new and innovative ways and is keen to expand the network of resellers. Contact us to find out more.

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