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World's first multitouch for large format

DISPLAX is a projected capacitive multitouch technology manufacturer.
DISPLAX was the first company in the World to develop a large format multitouch film, which successfully introduced to the market in September 2011.
Since then, DISPLAX has introduced several innovations to the market and achieved important milestones in the projected capacitive multitouch field.
DISPLAX has headquarters in Europe, Portugal, and also has a direct presence in the United States of America and in Taiwan.

Network of international resellers

DISPLAX has a network of international resellers to promote and distribute its products locally, using their skills in design, software and hardware, as well as the knowledge of the local market.
DISPLAX touch products are used in structures such as indoor and outdoor kiosks, tables, integrated lcds, window shopping, interactive furniture and custom structures. You can find these products in places such as retail stores, shopping centers, airports, museums, casinos and brand activation events.

"Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower"

For DISPLAX, investing in R&D is much more than a business decision. We invest in R&D because we want to make the best products possible. Despite being a young company, DISPLAX has already a noble and long story of innovations brought to market.
Our R&D has expertise in electronics, conductive materials and nanotechnology, and touch algorithms. DISPLAX products benefit from an extensive intellectual property, which is a result of years of research and development in the capacitive multitouch field.

"The best way to predict the future is to invent it"

Proud as we are from our achievements, DISPLAX has just begun its exciting journey!
The ways touch can and will impact our lives are endless. The tools for tomorrow are being written today in R&D labs all over the World. We have a responsibility when it comes to touch, and we want to be the ones creating the best tools. Because we truly believe that touch will transform the way we teach and the way we work. And that is the future we are creating today. Stay tuned because the best is yet to come.

Production capacity

DISPLAX manufacturing facilities are located in Portugal, in the headquarter, together with the rest of the company, to ensure an agile and continuous flow of feedback with the R&D and sales teams. Production team manufactures, inspects and tests 100% of our products prior to shipment. DISPLAX uses the most advanced equipment in the production process to ensure the best product quality.
DISPLAX manufacturing facilities are regularly updated in terms of capacity to anticipate the market growth and customer demand.

As a result of the confidence in our R&D development and in the reliability of our manufacturing process, all the products in our Skin product range have a 2 year warranty included.


On top of the warranty, when you buy a DISPLAX product you also gain access to a team of engineers and technicians with multiple years of experience in the touch field whose mission is to help our customers.

As DISPLAX products are used in projects worldwide, the support team covers multiple time zones. This ensures a low response time for every region in the World, whenever a customer needs our help.

The support team also works in the development of educational content about the use and integration of our products. This results in an extensive knowledge library with documentation and videos to provide the help and autonomy necessary.

Feedback to our Support team

"Thank you Victor! You did a great job!" - Customer from US

"We thank Tiago and the whole team for the excellent support!" - Customer from Belgium

"Prompt support. Very cooperative and professional. Well done!" - Customer from Jordan


DISPLAX is certified under the ISO9001 quality requirements standard. Meaning that our R&D, production, support, sales and marketing processes follow the best quality practices to guarantee the effectiveness of our work and the satisfaction of our clients.

The products Skin Ultra, Skin Fit and Skin Dualtouch are CE certified and RoHS compliant. Discover more at our Quality Webpage.


ISO9001-1     CE      rohs


DISPLAX currently holds multiple patents that are either pending or issued.

Our commitment is to continuously work for the improvement and perfection of our products. During that relentless R&D process, it is not uncommon to find the need to invent new techniques, processes and methods. When what has been invented is not enough to deliver the performance we want to achieve, we have to create new tools. During that process, we submit patents to protect our intellectual property.


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