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Austrian firm uses a TILE interactive video wall to update staffers on factory floor

In these last few years, things have been evolving a lot in what concerns the workplace. More recently, and because of the pandemic, many companies accelerated their evolution into the digital world. In what concerns our business, we’ve been seeing more and more companies starting to use touchscreens to gather teams into more collaborative work. And let’s face it, it makes things way easier to explain, share ideas and get everyone involved.

But in this case, what we’re seeing is this same approach to the heart of the companies, and by that, we’re talking about the production and warehouse facilities. These are teams that many times don’t even have desks or computers, but what if they could be up to everything that’s happening in the company through a screen? Or even better, to actually communicate, take notes, and also have a tool to improve their work.

Dave Haynes, the well-known Sixteen-Nine magazine founder says: “One of the things that struck me was the use of big, cork-based bulletin boards at production floor intersections that were filled with pinned-on printouts of KPIs, to be reviewed by work teams. I suggested those set-ups could be digital and interactive, and therefore exponentially more useful and timely.”

Today we bring you the example of the Austrian manufacturer Traktionssysteme Austria.

Nowadays they’re using DISPLAX TILE as a collaboration tool on their production floor. “It’s a four-panel interactive employee information display developed for the company by the Vienna-based creative technology shop Wetouch” using our Video Wall Touch Displays.

Screens are the logical solution, and if part of the goal is making work teams aware of how they’re doing, all of that information can be on these sorts of displays, and updated as needed.

This is how every production site should look like, getting all teams involved in the daily work of the company, and getting departments closer through a touchscreen that keeps everyone in touch.

Dave Haynes adds, “The employee information station provides company and labor relations news, introduces new employees and does general announcements. There is a custom UI and a web-based CMS driving the messages. It would be great if the content was more than re-purposed web pages, as appears to be the case here. But it’s a good start, and maybe there’s the opportunity to do things like add real-time data like production status.”

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