One of a Kind Software

DISPLAX CONNECT is an extensive Touch Configuration software included with every DISPLAX product.

Configure your DISPLAX touch sensor to the limit.

High-end Technology

Adjusting touch configurations required technical background and knowledge. Now, with the use of smart algorithms advanced configurations are one click away.

Use Object Recognition, Disable touch areas, recognize palms or even do technical calibrations.

Configuration tools

Easily adjust all settings for optimized touch setup


Adjust the strength of the signal injected in the sensor


Define the level of what is considered touch


Viewing mode for sensor inspection


Manage and monitor multiple sensors across the network

Object Recognition

Recognize up to 16 objects on a PCAP touch surface

Advanced Configuration

Palm Detection, Command Lines and Sensor Drawing Tools

Communicate directly with the touchscreen controller

More refined scaling by setting up the touch controller and optimising its settings for specific use cases.

Create your customized touch setup and save the presets to apply in any other similar project.

Configuration Wizard

Intelligent Algorithms for an initial configuration

Perform Initial Configuration

The ‘Configuration Wizard‘* will gather all the information to take a first automatic decision.

It only takes a few minutes and it delivers a quick initial touch setup adjusting the Gain and Treshold levels.

*Available in all products except Skin Dualtouch

Data based tuning

No adjustment based on personal and subjective factors.

Configuration Wizard algorithms make a series of different tests to get your starting setup.


Manage and monitor multiple sensors across the network

Simply powerful.

Manage, test, configure and tune in infinite detail over wi-fi or ethernet within the same network.

Based on a new communication protocol, find a unique and premium service in the touch market.


Self-service real time tuning software tool

Easy to tune for specific hardware integration and custom requirements.

Advanced Tools

Configure key parameters for your perfect performance setup

Infinity Feature

With the DISPLAX SKIN Ultra and the infinity feature enabled in the Connect Software you can place multiple sensors next to each other.

This enables the creation of very large touch surfaces and video walls, for example the World’s Largest PCAP Touch Videowall.


Adjust the area of detection of the palm and arm.

Define a setup that will give your more precision in detecting the palm providing a better optimal experience to the user.


Sensor Drawing Tools

Draw any shape to enable touch in the most unusual ways

Command Line

Using the Command Line commands you can access a new universe of optimization

High and Low Graphics Mode

In machines without OpenGL support, you can run DISPLAX Connect in safe mode

TUIO Protocol Included

TUIO is an open framework that defines a common protocol and API for tangible multitouch surfaces.

Don’t waste time!  Embedded TUIO v1.1 and v2.0, with no external bridge required.

Find more information here.

Unveil the power of touch configuration?

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