Take full control of touch detection with unique configuration software


  • Easy to use interface
  • Same software for all the SKIN products
  • Minimize your learning curve
  • Less time to configure touchscreen
  • Simple Integration
  • Multiple advanced configuration tools available
  • Overall improved efficiency

Configuration tools

Easily adjust all settings for optimized touch setup


Adjust the strength of the signal injected in the sensor


Define the level of what is considered touch


Filter EMI from the display


Viewing mode for sensor inspection

Touch Test App

Test your configuration


1 software for all products

Configuration Wizard*

Quickly helps you define a starting setup

Faster to configure

The ‘Configuration Wizard‘ feature was developed to speed up the configuration of your touchscreen. Just follow the instructions and the software will help you.



* Features not available in Skin Dualtouch

Data based tuning

No adjustment based on personal and subjective factors. Make a series of different tests to get your starting setup.

Advanced Tools

Configure key parameters for your perfect performance setup

Advanced Calibration

Use the advanced geometric calibration to achieve an optimal setup and don't lose the touch area on the borders.

Palm Rejection

Adjust rejection of palm and arm. Instead of blocking a whole area, you can opt to reject the palm or the arm.

TUIO Protocol

Don't waste time. Embedded TUIO v2.0, no external bridge required

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