DISPLAX TILE - Video Wall Touch Display

DISPLAX TILE to Empower Collaboration

Video walls with touch functionality give a whole new meaning to collaborative work. Combining great functionalities with an impressively sleek design, TILE is the present and future of touch video walls.

DISPLAX is an innovative manufacturer of ultra-large projected capacitive technology based in Europe that designs and develops a complete range of products both for Signage and Collaboration markets.

A few years ago we have presented a revolutionary product that changed the way we collaborate at work. TILE is a touch video wall display that makes touch video wall implementation easier than ever, combining powerful performance with great visual aesthetics.

And this was the solution that AVIT Vision Ltd found for a unique project for Experian PLC, a world-leading information services company that wanted to create a Customer Innovation Experience (CIE) Centre with a very specific concept of taking customers through a financial journey of their lives using real-life scenarios in an immersive experience using technology as a ‘wow’ factor.

“Part of that ‘wow’ factor was to have a 1 by 8 portrait touch video wall on a curved wall” says Roger Cornish, Managing Director of AVIT Vision Ltd. “But while this looks great on a drawing, it’s a whole different thing to actually create it. And this is where TILE came to the rescue. There are not many solutions for this type of project because most touch is designed to be a touch overlay, something that may work on a flat wall but does not do the job on a curved one. DISPLAX TILE was the only off-the-shelf product that we could find that allows us to create this curved video wall.”

TILE is a product designed for touch video walls, making its installation simpler than any other solution. “We had another vendor that offered us a solution that was basically a touch frame overlay that they would custom design it to work on a curved wall which involved chopping up in multiple pieces. In our case, a 1 by 8, it would require 224 pieces which would then be put back together with small degrees of movement across the video wall. That was a massive ‘no, no’, because it would have 224 bits to install, 224 bits to calibrate, 224 bits to go wrong, and 224 problems.”

TILE is a product that offers high-reliability touch with an unrivaled touch performance of 100 simultaneous touches per display and a 5ms touch response. It’s a 55” LCD with a 3,3mm Extra-Clear Anti-Fingerprint Coated Toughened Glass and an ultra-slim bezel of just 6mm. The active touch on the black borders is also quite a unique feature.

Empower Collaboration with TILE

Seeing multiple TILEs lined up together has an incredible visual effect and has a profound impact on what groups can accomplish together, allowing users to display multiple pieces of content side-by-side and enable them to work simultaneously across Microsoft Whiteboard, PowerPoint, or any other application from any OS.

For Roger Cornish, “if you want to install a touch video wall that’s no more difficult than a non-touch one, the DISPLAX TILE is the only solution that I’ve found that does work“.

Definitively a simpler and better way to easily implement Touch Video Walls.

Find out more about DISPLAX TILE at http://bit.ly/DISPLAXTILE