Gaming Touch Foils

Redefine gaming


from 20" to 105"

Unrivaled Touch Performance

Up to 100 simultaneously touch points

Glass Lamination

Choose between Anti-Glare or Extra-Clear glass

Superb Touch Experience

When using a DISPLAX multitouch foil you can have up to 100 simultaneously┬átouches and you can choose any size between 20″ to 105″, or even more, upon consultation.

Not only having a full customizable solution is great, but the touch experience provided is the fastest and most accurate found in the market. The options are endless when you find a 5ms touch response with a 0,26% touch accuracy!

Multiple Glass Customization

Choose if you want our multitouch foils laminated in two different types of glass: Anti-Glare or Extra-clear.

We also go beyond a standard offer, we can provide different types of glass with customization:

  • Curved or standard glass
  • Corner radius
  • Glass thickness
  • Bezel colour and thickness



DISPLAX touch films, upon consultation, can be tailored to any given situation, providing flexible touch solutions.

With an easy integration you can create amazing touch experiences for your customers enjoying all the benefits that our unrivaled touch performance can offer.

Unusual Applications

Roulette Tables

Blackjack Tables

Poker Tables


Want to find out more? Head up to our gallery to see the latest gaming pictures with DISPLAX touch foils.


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