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Increased reflection

Grow as much as you can

Adaptable to any surface

Mirror plus touch film

Multitouch Mirror provided by DISPLAX already come with Multitouch Films on it, choose between Skin UltraSkin Fit or Skin Dualtouch technology!

Specific glass for touchscreen

We offer high quality glass that is produced for touchscreen use. Based on DISPLAX technical know-how and expertise, we provide mirror glass that has passed tight quality requirements compared to buying regular glass off the market.

Perfect Reflection to Transmission Ratio

DISPLAX Dielectric Mirror™ is the ultimate mirror glass solution for Ultra Large Multitouch applications.

It’s ideal for businesses where LCDs or comercial displays are required, since the technology used to provide the mirror is state-of-the-art .

Technology that works for you

With a 60% reflection to a 40% transmission ratio the Dielectric mirror can function as a traditional mirror, while effectively masking a television or display screen that can be mounted behind it.

By providing a high element of reflection it succeeds in providing excellent mirror quality, while minimizing the colour shift that sometimes is a tendency in this type of glass, this  being a distinct commercial advantage.

Unconventional and Engaging Solutions

Assembled and ready to deploy

Interactive Mirrors are shaping the market as one of the most versatile products there is.
DISPLAX can make the touch module ready to assemble, with a pre-defined mirror solution, or with a custom solution defined by you.

Create stunning solutions

Interactive Mirrors are innovative, eye catching and open up a wide range of possibilities for businesses across different sectors.
It is one of the most visually impressive and functional multitouch products there is!

Get a multitouch mirror!

Multitouch Magic Mirrors

Multitouch Smart mirrors look like something that is straight from science fiction, but with DISPLAX Touch technology, you can easily make, fiction become reality!

DISPLAX Multitouch films allow a fluid. integration with its Plug & Play technology, fully compatible with any Raspberry Pi

Have you magic mirror ready to be used anytime!



Native multitouch support from OS & single touch




Mac OS

Chrome OS

Raspberry Pi

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