Retail Case Study

DISPLAX Retail Use Case

How it all started?

Being the first company in the World to develop a large format multitouch film, back in 2011, DISPLAX products have been successfully implemented in many projects globally. The company’s focus has been offering the best of breed technology in Large Multitouch Projected Capacitive and keep abreast of competition through innovation and invention.

Where are we standing?

Our Skin products have been implemented globally in a wide range of industries such as retail, entertainment, hospitality, technology and audio visual to name a few.  Some of these successful implementations are presented here to offer you a clear picture of the application of our products and their benefits.

Retail Use Case

High Transparency in stores

With an increased wire transparency, DISPLAX foils keep the image quality of the display with meddling in between.

Choose the size and glass bezel making your content stand out even more, just like in every pretty work of art!

Fully Customizable Touch Solutions

DISPLAX offering is fully customizable, from foil size, to tail position choose the one that conveys your project the most!

Interactivity in Brick-and-Mortar Stores

The Professional performance of displays with the high transparency of foils allows to maintain a pristine image quality, thus making interactive content even more powerful.

Retail stores can see some improvements when upgrading their store to be more interactive:

  • Customers are more engaged
  • Customers Interact more
  • Creates more impact
  • Gives more arguments to sell

“It’s not only engaging but it brings more people to the shop to touch and experience it since it’s not that common"

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