Transparency & performance

Outstanding transparency

Featuring a uniquely transparent touch sensor, DISPLAX Sense is perfect for projects where total transparency and vivid images are a requirement.

Glass based multitouch module

DISPLAX Sense is shipped on a glass. The touch module includes a touch controller and the touch sensor already laminated on a glass.

Superb touch experience

Enables leading edge industrial design

Metal mesh based touch sensor

Benefiting from latest improvements in conductive nano materials, the Sense touch sensor uses state of the art metal mesh technology for improved optical transparency and touch accuracy.

Proven metal mesh

Touch sensor uses high conductivity materials, with proven reliability and durability, to ensure long term performance. Also features best in class metal mesh transparency combined with extraordinary light transmission for state of the art image visibility.

No moire effect

Microscopic mesh width

2K & 4K optimized

Typical applications

  • Gaming
  • Medical
  • Corporate office & meeting room
  • Military
  • Audio visual
  • Marine
  • Collaborative
  • Industrial

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DISPLAX Sense uses a chemically toughened soda lime glass. It features an anti glare coating to improve vision and reduce reflection and has a black border. Also includes anti stiction treatment for better gesture performance.

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Optical bonding

Enhance the readability of your display with optical bonding. By using this method instead of an air gap, you will have less reflection on the glass. With less reflected ambient light, the display will have a better contrast ratio. Increased ruggedness and durability are also benefits from optical bonding.

Narrow borders

The sensor has slim borders for the signal lines at the edges and allows for a very small border of non touch active area. This, in turn, allows for sleek integration.

XTR-Shield Plus

DISPLAX’s proprietary noise filtering technology, XTR-Shield Plus, filters the noise emanated from the display that otherwise would affect the touch detection. As a consequence, the sensor can be placed closer than ever to the display, minimizing the parallax effect caused by the gap between the touch sensor and the screen.

Palm detection

The sensor has the ability to recognize and reject large areas of touch contact, like palms or arms, while finger touch detection remains working. Users can lean over a table and not affect the touch experience. This feature can be disabled in the control panel.

Plug & play

Native multitouch support from OS & single touch




Mac OS X

Touch mouse emulation

Digital signage players

Windows embedded

Smart signage platform



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