Skin Glass

Combine your preferred glass and DISPLAX product

Up to 10mm glass thickness

High quality glass for touchscreen use

Anti-Glare, Extra-Clear or Mirror Glass

Range of glass personalization available

Ready touch module

Shipped with DISPLAX touch product laminated to apply on touch screen

Glass plus touch film

You can select the most suited glass (extra clear or anti glare) and touch film (Skin Ultra, Skin Fit or Skin Dualtouch) for your touch module to facilitate the implementation of the projects and ensure meeting the customers’ requirements.

Specific glass for touchscreen

We offer high quality glass that is produced for touchscreen use. Based on DISPLAX technical know-how and expertise, we provide the glass that has passed tight quality requirements compared to buying regular glass off the market.

Wide active area

Skin Glass has up to 105″ touch active area, which makes it quite flexible for large displays. The wide active area offers more free space for the content on the multitouch surfaces, which increases your brand’s exposure.

UV Stability

Our films provide extreme reliability because they are prepared to not change their physical properties even facing severe hot weather conditions.

Tempered glass for increased protection

The Skin Glass uses tempered glass to increase the protection of projects and their users. The most important benefit of tempered glass is safety, which is generally achieved by controlled thermal or chemical treatments to increase its strength compared with normal glass. This (toughening the glass) reduces the risk of injury due to its nature of breaking into small, circular pieces instead of sharp, jagged shards.

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Three types of glass

Extra clear glass

Extra clear glass is used for optimal image quality, and it is available in 4, 6, 8, and 10 mm thickness. Compared to ordinary clear float glass, extra clear glass has a much better transparency, offers optimized color rendering, is virtually bright and colorless with no green reflection. Extra clear glass is perfect for the solutions that require high transparency and purity of color such as display cases and multitouch tables to represent the images and contents sharp, clear and in true colors.

Anti glare glass

Anti glare glass has low optical parallax, and it is available in 5 mm thickness with 80% treatment. While it benefits from little or no glare reflection on display, this type of glass provides smoothest haptics and immersive experience. In order to have the best experience with anti glare glass, there should be a good balance between blurriness and smoothness of the glass.



Dielectric Mirror

Dielectric Mirror glass offers a great visibility to the contents being transmitted to the user, with a reflection treatment of 60%.

Mirror glass comes with 6mm thickness and can go up to 3×1.4m dimensions making it great for Ultra Large Formats.

The edge finish is flat perfect polished making it safe to use and install.

Select the most suited touch module

DISPLAX Skin Glass is available with our Skin product ranges such as:

  • Touch Module Skin Ultra
  • Touch Module Skin Fit
  • Touch Module Skin Dualtouch

Wide Range of Advantages

Advantages of extra clear

Extra clear glass comes with benefits such as:

  • Sharpest image quality with minimal degradation.
  • Neutral glass color as opposed to greenish glass.
  • It has some degree of haptics that is better than what is commonly available in the market and it is one of the advantage of our extra clear glass.



Advantages of anti glare glass

Using anti glare glass offers a wide range of advantages:

  • Haptics experience that offers smoothest reflection.
  • Having an optical advantage by reducing the glass reflection.
  • Having a good balance between smoothness and blurriness.
  • Other percentages of anti glare treatments may have better haptics experience, but their blurriness are worse, vice versa.


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Advantages of Mirror Glass

Using DISPLAX Mirror glass offers some advantages such as:

  • Mirror produce the illusion of space
  • Great reflection for the user
  • Provides good quality vision of contents


Which glass to choose?

We have studied the glass specifications extensively to offer the most suited glass for touchscreen use.

Extra clear

  • Specification: regular extra clear glass in the market does not provide good haptics, hence customers sometimes prefer anti glare over extra clear.
    • DISPLAX extra clear glass offers some degrees of haptics and smoothness, so now you can consider the extra clear glass.
  • Specification: the impact of reflection.
    • DISPLAX extra clear glass has a high light transmission which reduces the reflection impact. Using an anti reflective film will also help reducing the reflection.

Anti glare

  • Specification: blur effect, which increases with air gap.
    • DISPLAX XTR-Shield feature allows you to lessen the effect.
  • Specification: the impact of environments with strong light or outdoor exposure.
    • DISPLAX PCAP technology reduces the effect of direct sun or light exposure.

Advantages of Touch Module

Ready to assemble

Assemble and setup quickly

Focus on integration

No lamination is required

Fast deployment

Deliver your projects rapidly

Standard black frame

Skin glass has standard black frame, “RAL 9005”. Frame is the painted border of the glass, which is described as border when referring to the non-active area of touch film.

Corner radius cut

When purchasing the glass, you can customize the edge type or the corner radius cut to meet your specific need. The edge type ranges from 3 mm to 15 mm. The corner cuts are chamfered at 45 degree and the edges are flat perfectly polished.

Typical applications

  • Digital signage
  • Kiosks
  • Multitouch tables
  • Vending machines
  • Industrial
  • Gaming


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