Skin Ultra

Skin Ultra

Unrivaled touch experience for large formats

Finger touches


Touch response

The fastest large format procap ever

30" to 105"

Any size on the range

Optical transparency

Skin Ultra features a clear and highly transparent touch sensor. Therefore, the display image quality will remain pristine and unaffected, providing an uncompromised viewing experience.

High resolution touch sensor

Skin Ultra uses a high resolution conductive grid that detects an extensive number of simultaneous moving inputs. This, in turn, combined with DISPLAX enhanced touch algorithms, results in a superior touch experience.

Unmatched 5ms

Speed is a key component of the overall touch experience. Skin Ultra offers an unprecedented 5 millisecond response rate in large format projected capacitive touch displays.

Touch resolution

Touch Sensor array optimized for 16: 9, providing a uniform touch experience across the entire touchscreen area. This optimization results in a more accurate and precise touch detection. Higher touch resolution in the Touch Sensor allows for a smaller distance between fingers.
Conductive grid designed for enhanced optical visibility.

Object recognition

Bridge the physical and the digital world by adding real objects to your interactive table. Skin Ultra recognizes different objects by using conductive tags. You can add a new layer of interaction by letting users select and browse the information they want to know simply by moving the object. Check the object recognition page to know more.

Flat & curved displays

A new revolution in displays is arriving, with curved LCDs becoming more and more common. Skin Ultra is shipped on a film, meaning that it is possible to apply it on both flat and curved screens.

Ultra fast and responsive

Your own design

Skin Ultra allows the creation of integrated LCDs, mega tablets, tables, indoor structures and other innovative products of your own design. You can benefit from the touch performance, optical transparency with a wide range of sizes.

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Clearly transparent

For the first time in large size projected capacitive touch, Skin Ultra features a clear and highly transparent touch sensor. Therefore, the display image quality will remain pristine and unaffected, providing an uncompromised viewing experience.

Broad range of glass thickness

Ultra Skin can be laminated on glass up to 10mm thick. Such a wide range of thickness fits a wide range of requirements while benefiting from Skin Ultra’s superb touch performance.

Sensor thickness

Ensure the optical integrity of your touchscreen and benefit from full transparency. DISPLAX touch sensors are manufactured using clean and thin materials, resulting in a film with just 100 micron of thickness.

Optical bonding

Enhance the readability of your display with optical bonding. By using this method instead of an air gap, you will have less reflection on the glass. With less reflected ambient light, the display will have a better contrast ratio. Increased ruggedness and durability are also benefits from optical bonding.

Touchscreen mirrors

Interactive mirrors are a new trend for fashion brands and retailers alike. When customers are in front of a mirror in a fitting room there’s an opportunity to display more products or even superimpose a pair of glasses, a blouse or a tie.

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Ultimate noise filtering

XTR-Shield Plus

Skin Ultra benefits from the latest generation of DISPLAX’s proprietary noise filtering technology, XTR-Shield Plus. It filters the noise emanated from the display that otherwise would affect the touch detection. As a consequence, the sensor can be placed closer than ever to the display, minimizing the parallax effect caused by the gap between the touch sensor and the screen.

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Flexible Form Factor

Choose between a slim bottom single tail with 6 short connectors or a slim side single tail with 6 short connectors.

Finger separation

Skin Ultra features a high resolution touch sensor. Having an extended number of grid nodules allows for an increase in touch precision and accuracy. In turn, this represents a smaller distance between two independent touches, resulting in a smaller finger separation and an improved touch experience.

Palm detection

The sensor has the ability to recognize and reject large areas of touch contact, like palms or arms, while finger touch detection remains working. Users can lean over a table and not affect the touch experience. This feature can be disabled in the control panel.

Pressure sensing

3D Sense is a unique and proprietary pressure detection technique in procap developed by DISPLAX. Skin Ultra detects different degrees of touch pressure.
This information is sent to the OS using the multitouch HID norm. Innovative multitouch applications and interfaces can be developed using this feature.

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Typical applications

  • Interactive digital signage
  • Multitouch tables
  • Retail
  • Entertainment
  • Gaming
  • Military
  • Industrial
  • Vending


Plug & play

Native multitouch support from OS & single touch




Mac OS X


TUIO protocol

Touch mouse emulation

Digital signage players

Windows embedded

Smart signage platform



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