Stretched touch displays

Sleek design for collaborative experiences

Extended Wide Format

Create enhanced content

Several options

Available in Foil and Glass

Plug & Play

Works with any OS


  • Ultra HD Resolution
  • Extended Aspect Ratio Customization
  • Touch Module ready
  • Easy setup with DISPLAX Connect
  • Works with any OS

Premium Style for Extra Engagement

Stretched displays allows unexpected designs or formats to create uncommon and impressive projects.

Create projects that can offer a dramatic effect in a variety of new ways!

Touch sensor customization

Manufacturing flexibility

Customisation to the limit

Stretched displays can go up to 105″.

Have a fully customisable solution, with bottom or side tail.

The recommended minimum sizes are 200mm height or width, having in account the tail size and position.

Combine with the Skin Product Line

Touch Module

Have it already laminated with Glass to make the unit ready to integrate

Choose any size with ExtraClear or AntiGlare Glass including size, framing or color

Visit Skin Glass to more information


Native multitouch support from OS & single touch






Raspberry Pi

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