Slim Bezel Ultra Large Touchscreen

Ultra Thin Bezel

6mm Bezel

Overall Best Touch Performance

Up to 100 simultaneous touches

Perfect for Videowalls

Have a side-by-side touchscreens

Premium performance and quality

Proven Reliability

TILE is based on proven touch technology durable and reliable.

TILE LCD is tested and approved with a FCC, CE and UL certificate that provides  Strong Reliability and enables a continuous 24/7 operation.

Professional Touch Solution

DISPLAX Ultra technology offers unrivaled touch performance, focused on mature Skin technology, operating for more than 4 years with a proven track record.

Skin Ultra is combined with a Professional Display inside that offers an Industry Professional Touch Solution.

Highly configurable

Unleash your creative expression and design your own TILE layout

6mm Ultra Thin Bezel

TILE narrow bezel features a bezel–to-bezel slim width that minimizes the visual distraction, providing a near-seamless picture across multiple screens without interruption, making more impact with your customers.

Best way to collaborate with others

Empower interactivity

TILE allows users to interact easily with contents with reliable drag and drop predictive algorithms.

Discover a flagship product at an excellent price point that promises to bring people together in a way that feels completely natural, helping ideas flow.

Award Winning Hardware

TILE is selected by rAVe has the best New Collaboration Accessory at ISE 2019

All-in-one solution, plug & play multitouch technology, create unique layouts!



Designed for the modern workplaces

Empowering customers to do more

TILE is designed to be used in several layouts with its ultimate touch performance and professional LCD.

A 1x3 video wall display will always help to create more engagement for visitors of retail stores or museums.

Curved videowalls allow bigger visibility and with TILE they are easier to make and assemble.

TILE can be embedded into a table with no effort, making your content stand out with its Ultra Thin Bezel!

A layout of 3x3 is suitable for a conference room, because it's

Or a bigger layout of 3x4 that is perfect for collaborative environments


Native multitouch support from OS & single touch

Choose any Operative System

DISPLAX multitouch technology is the most versatile in market, working with any Operative System.

TILE then can be used with any computer making it easy for you to use it. There is no need to learn nothing new!


“My project was for a 1×8 video wall. The most important was that the space of the structure behind could not be big because we had a small wall between it and TILE is perfect for this.”

Russian Client

“The TILE allows professionals to collaborate in new and exciting ways that will reshape how we work, teach and collaborate around the world.”

Customer from United States

“When TILE is applied in places, powerful design considerations emerge to elevate experience of collaboration.”

Customer from United Kingdom

“We are always searching for the new stuff so we can do unique projects and this is just what we were looking for.”

Client from Belgium

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Create a unique touch solution.

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