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DISPLAX Success Stories

How it all started?

Being the first company in the World to develop a large format multitouch film, back in 2011, DISPLAX products have been successfully implemented in many projects globally. The company’s focus has been offering the best of breed technology in Large Multitouch Projected Capacitive and keep abreast of competition through innovation and invention.

Where are we standing?

Our Skin products have been implemented globally in a wide range of industries such as retail, entertainment, hospitality, technology and audio visual to name a few.  Some of these successful implementations are presented here to offer you a clear picture of the application of our products and their benefits.

Tourism Case study

When tourism meets multitouch technology

Impact of technology on tourism

Interactive digital signage offers freedom, choice, knowledge, information, confidence and power of informed decision making to tourists and visitors.

Multitouch technology role in tourism

Getting connected, navigating destinations, locating hotels, restaurants, museums and other places are now one fingertip away.

DISPLAX Projects in Tourism

Some successful implementation of PCAP technology in tourism industry throughout the world

Rio De Janeiro's Symbol of Tourism through the Lens of Multitouch Technology

With 1.8 million visitors per year, Christ the Redeemer requires reliable and functional information kiosks to display data and help the users find the right information with a quick touch.

What is unique about the implemented solution:

  • Extreme weather condition at high altitude of a mountain.
  • Strong reliability to provide information all year round (24/7/365).
  • UV protected film and anti-vandalism feature of the PCAP enhance the durability of the kiosks.
  • Using the right type of glass to prevent having reflective or blurry images due to direct sun exposure.

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