World's Biggest Touch Videowall

Project in Numbers

100 million Pixels

255 Simultaneous Touch Points

46 LCDs

70″ sensors

20 meters

+18 Multiple Users

How does DISPLAX work?

DISPLAX products have been successfully implemented in many projects globally. The company’s focus has been offering the best of breed technology in Large Multitouch Projected Capacitive and keep abreast of competition through innovation and invention.

Advantages of DISPLAX foils for videowalls?

Multitouch foils required low real estate to be used, touch is not affected by light conditions and can be applied easily in multiple layouts (curved, landscape, portrait).

Manufacturing videowalls is simpler than ever!

100 Millions Pixels

Each row is assembled with a 1×3 55″ portrait professional LCD combined to a total of 16 rows, creating a unique image of 100 millions pixels total!

Featuring all of these conditions any content will stand out easily.

Sleek Design

A full range of customizations allows to create unique designs when using DISPLAX Multitouch foils.

Harness the power of videowalls, by having dozens of displays connected to create a seamless touch wall.



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