Touch performance and versatility

Finger touches


Touch response rate

The fastest large format procap ever

20'' to 105''

Standard & custom sizes


Highly customizable

Skin Fit is available in 16: 9, 4: 3 as well as custom formats. The flexible flat cables (FFC) can be positioned on any side of the touch sensor and can be manufactured with a longer tail.

Touch Module ready

Have it already laminated with Glass to make the unit ready to integrate

Choose any size with ExtraClear or AntiGlare Glass including size, framing or color

Visit Skin Glass to more information

Broad range of glass thickness

Skin Fit can be laminated on glass up to 15mm thick. Such a wide range of thickness fits almost any project requirements. For instance, an outdoor kiosks require thicker glass for increased protection. Even for indoor uses, traditionally a larger display will require a thicker glass, for additional safety.

Sensor thickness

Ensure the optical integrity of your touchscreen and benefit from full transparency. DISPLAX touch sensors are manufactured using clean and thin materials, resulting in a film with just 100 micron of thickness.

Touchscreen mirrors

Interactive mirrors are a new trend for fashion brands and retailers alike. When customers are in front of a mirror in a fitting room there is an opportunity to display more products or even superimpose a pair of glasses, a blouse or a tie.

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XTR-Shield Plus

Skin Fit benefits from the latest generation of DISPLAX proprietary noise filtering technology, XTR-Shield Plus. It filters the noise emanated from the display that otherwise would affect the touch detection. As a consequence, the sensor can be placed closer than ever to the display, minimizing the parallax effect caused by the gap between the touch sensor and the screen.

Flexible form factor

Wide customization options

Customize tail position

The touch sensor can be placed in almost any position of the sensor, either the larger or the smaller side. The tail can also be manufactured longer to accommodate a better touch controller integration.

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Advanced calibration

You can use just one unit of Skin Fit on top of two or more displays and still command them seamlessly with touch. With the advanced calibration tool you are able to make a geometric calibration on all the screens covered by the sensor, just as easily as if there was only one display.

Flat or Curved

With Skin Fit you will have access to a new playground of customizations.

Apply the customised foil to any display format, or aspect ratio, that you want:

  • Curved or Flat
  • Squared or Round
  • 4:3, 16:9, 58:9
  • Corner radius
  • Glass thickness
  • Bezel colour and thickness

Finger separation

Single USB for power

Palm detection

Typical applications

  • Interactive digital signage
  • Retail
  • Entertainment
  • Multitouch tables
  • Digital out of home advertising
  • Industrial
  • Vending


Native multitouch support from OS & single touch




Mac OS X

Chrome OS

Raspberry Pi

Touch mouse emulation

Digital signage players

Windows embedded

Smart signage platform



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