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Skin Ultra

Skin Ultra is the fastest pcap for large formats. It combines a staggering 100 simultaneous touch points with an unprecedented 5 milisecond touch response rate. The touch sensor transparency allows for a pristine image quality and the touch resolution results in a fluid and smooth touch experience.

It is shipped in a film in sizes ranging from 30'' to 105'', in 16:9. It can be used with a wide range of Operating Systems.

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Skin Fit

Highly customizable and an easy to integrate touch solution. It is available in sizes from 20'' to 105'', in 16:9, 4:3 and in custom formats and can be laminated in Glass with up to 15mm of thickness.

It combines the staggering 5ms touch response rate with 40 simultaneous finger touches.

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Skin Dualtouch

2 unique touches that provide a reliable and cost-effective touch solution. Made with mature core technology it has proven over time its effectivness.

Resistant to liquids, dust, low temperatures and UV radiation, no deformation over time!

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